Youth arts to grow the imagination

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Principles of practice

In my work with children, young people and adults, I have learnt that before we focus on the art we must focus on the person and the process. This helps the individual to feel safe, find their voice and gain a feeling of power which can transform their sense of self-belief, creative potential and trust in others.

Therefore whenever I work with your child or young person, I will always follow core principles of practice that will underpin the creative process:

  1. The artistic process is based on a dialogue between adults and children. No one is the expert - we are all artists and we are all learning together. We will negotiate what we want to learn, how we want to learn it, how we will know when we have achieved our shared outcome and how we will share it with others.
  2. In order to learn from each other we work in a creative community - this will only work if we listen to, respect, help and challenge each individual. Strong relationships between individuals and groups take time to build and we must be patient to support everyone at their own pace.
  3. Everyone is born with creative skills - we will rediscover, share and enhance these skills together. By the end we will know we have had a valuable experience if we have been challenged by our teachers, peers and ourselves to learn something new and take away something we can treasure.
  4. The arts can happen any time, anywhere. We will try to be innovative in how we re-use and recycle resources and transform any space into a studio for our practice. This could be a park bench, a classroom, a youth club or a Facebook page, as long as it fits the needs of the group and the arts process.

In short, our service believes in