Youth arts to grow the imagination

A magical combined arts & storytelling project across Worthing

“What would YOU draw with your magic pencil?”

The Magic Pencil has been a collaboration between Artspip teacher Beth Banner and children across Worthing throughout 2015, taking place at Thomas A Becket First School, Worthing and Worthing Museum and Art Gallery.

The children explored the idea of a magic pencil discovered in a mysterious forest ~ everything they drew with the magic pencil could come to life.

Using their own sketchbooks, children engaged in drawing & crafting to make their own story inventions - a key, a mask, a cloud fish - helping to bring our book to life. Each session, we sat in a circle and created another page of the story together. From this shared experience grew the magical tales you are about to read...

Download YOUR  Magic Pencil Story for FREE - click on your tab below!The Magic Pencil Story Worthing Museum & Art Gallery

The Magic Pencil Story Thomas A Becket Primary School 2015 The Magic Pencil Worthing Museum & Art Gallery